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Soul Star: is our 8th chakra or Vyapini in Sanskrit,  it resides 6 inches above the crown. Often known as the "Seat of the Soul," this is where we connect to our own higher consciousness and guidance of universal love. When balanced it stimulates clear knowing and inner vitality.

At Soul Star Readings, we offer a safe and gentle space for you to connect to your inner truth.  We specialise in helping you to find a new path, or a new way to create harmony and joy in your life. Guidance is down to earth and genuine, to help you make the best decisions for your own truth. Often direct, we like to get to the bottom of  any blocks and help you to navigate your best life.

Susan has been reading cards for over 20 years and is professionally trained in Intuitive Tarot. She has a Diploma in Counselling and is a certified Reiki Master among other qualifications.


In person readings: Hepburn Springs VIC

Remote readings via Skype, FaceTime and Zoom 

After listening to an earlier reading I had done in person with Susan I was completely floored with her accuracy she had stated within the first 5 minutes, I’m talking world event type information!

5 months later I knew it was time to have another wow factor type reading with her, you know when You feel like you need some clarity ? Well I absolutely love Susan’s energy and even though I live in another country thanks to wonderful technology we were able to connect and still have the same fabulous experience.

What can I say, I needed clarity on my business, my purpose and of course how this all impacts my personal relationship , yes it was a tall asking!

Well at the end of our 90 minutes of laughter and big aahaaasss I felt a huge relief to feel I have direction with an awareness of the possibilities that are to come.

Thank God, there are people like you  Susan who are incredibly gifted at delivering our souls messages to us in such a way that we’re able to embrace the future with positivity.


Thank you 🙏🏼

Josie Pay Bartjes

Tonic body & soul

“Susan is THE most intuitive tarot readers I have ever had the pleasure of having a reading done by. With her amazing array of various decks of cards, she has nailed my life every time. I must say, my last reading she predicted where I am now and I will admit, I thought she may have been off the ball with that reading. But she was bang on and I am currently in the midst of what she saw in my reading. Susan is generous and so amazingly warming and inviting. I love her heaps!”



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